In Space No One Can Use Breaks


Welcome to the future! The year is 2 years from whatever year it is that you read this, and space travel without breaks is now not only legal, it is mandatory due to significant interstellar budget constraints.

You are a space chauffeur, in charge of transporting people and stuff as quickly as humanly possible on a ridiculously badly built, unstraight space road that never seems to end. If you drive too slow you won't get paid enough to afford space food! But if you fall off the space road, you die the most brutal, painful death imaginable. It's a terrible job. Are you skilled enough to speed through the chaotic Spaceberry Road?

Oh yeah, there's gravity in outer space in the future for some reason. Make sure to check out the epic in-game story for a very feasible explanation as to why this is. WARNING: Your mind might get blown.